102 – Advergaming: Advertising through video games

The practice of using computer game to promote a specific item or a company is known as “Advergaming”. Wired magazine initially used this term in a column to describe the commissioning of free online video games by big business, in 2001. There are 3 classifications of Advergaming: ATL Advergaming, BTL Advergaming and TTL Advergaming.

ATL Advergaming can be slightly explained as a promotional computer game. The business includes interactive computer game on their website so regarding create more awareness about their item among the site visitors. This method is also used to bring in more visitors to the website and to increase the traffic flow on the site. If the games are produced product advertising, the item is highlighted in the game.

Before the creation of the web, floppies and later on compact disks were used as a medium to promote games and in turn a particular product. It started with floppy basically to create awareness as well as item promo. The very first Advergame was dispersed by American Home Food, which was established by Chef Boyardee.

Taco Bell and Coca Soda pop followed it by providing consumers floppies consisting of advertising video games. The very first Advergame to be dispersed on compact disk was by Chex and General Mill. The graphics of these video games have grown from arcade style flash to three-dimensional.

BTL Advergaming comprises of recruitment tools like In-game marketing, militiamen and edutainment. Normally the mascot of the particular business is depicted as the hero in such video games. Pepsi guy and Burger male were the mascots used in marketing games designed by Pepsi and Burger King respectively.

The story of these video games can be business, educational or political like the video game American Army developed to attract more youth towards devoting their life to army and likewise games suggested to promote sports like Formula One racing are likewise a part of this strategy.

In-game advertising is more commercial type and is simply targeted for promo of the item by means of the video game. This is truly getting and even motion pictures are promoted by this approach. Like on the site of the film, The Mummy, there are video games which have a story comparable to the film and the player is provided understanding of the truths about the film and its subject, Egyptian Mummy.

Educational Advergaming describes video games that represent an ethical message to the gamers.

These games can also function as a medium of advertisement themselves like in the video game of EA Sports; banners of Pepsi line the frame of the game. By utilizing this technique the companies have the ability to offer low price or totally free games to the consumers. This is likewise effective in reducing the rate of video games that have a regular monthly charge.

TTL Advergaming or through the line Advergaming is the most rare form of Advergaming. URL links are embedded into a game that takes the gamers to the web pages, which has BTL Advergaming. Various methods are utilized to attract the gamer to a specific webpage. In the video game” Enter the Matrix” URL links are portrayed in the background, which the player is required to click to find out about the facts connecting to the plot of the next level and at the same time advertises about the product.

The interest to discover the style of the video game brings in the gamer, although it might not be essential to click to end up the game. Such kinds of video games are usually known as link-chases as one link will cause another. Site visitors are sometimes tempted with a reward to trigger them to click the URL.

This strategy of marketing is really beneficial as it not just creates awareness among the player but likewise among his buddies who lands the website upon friend’s tip. The success of Advergaming is dependant on word of mouth and thus is also referred to as viral marketing.

In the year 2004, this industry created around $83.6 million and included 105 million players.

The practice of using video games to promote a specific item or an organization is known as “Advergaming”. If the video games are made for product marketing, the product is highlighted in the game.

These video games can also act as a medium of advertisement themselves like in the video game of EA Sports; banners of Pepsi line the frame of the game. URL links are embedded into a video game that takes the players to the web pages, which has BTL Advergaming. The curiosity to discover about the style of the game attracts the player, although it may not be necessary to click to complete the game.


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