11 – Marketing on a budget Frequency, frequency, frequency

I’m showing the marketing obstacles of a small business.

If you don’t remember anything else about marketing, remember this: Frequency is king.

The more frequently you can get your name in front of your potential and existing consumers, the more likely you will make a sale.

Depending upon what study you take a look at, people need to see your message anywhere from 3 to 27 times before they act upon it.

And, if you wish to brand your organisation, then you require to get it in front of your consumers as frequently as possible.

How do you believe Ivory Soap, Campbell Soup and Tide all constructed their brands so deeply into our minds? Through years and years of consistently advertising. That’s why those brands pop into our head when we think about soap, soup or laundry cleaning agent.

So if you wish to build your brand, then you require to market frequently.

There’s another benefit to advertising often. It likewise assists your existing clients.

People like to know they made the right decision after they bought something. Just how much peace of mind they need depends upon just how much they spend, but everyone needs some verification they made the right decision. Your marketing can help.

Research studies have revealed that people are more knowledgeable about automobile ads after they acquired an automobile– specifically car advertisements of the design they bought. And they’re more likely to both believe and approve of the message. Again, since they want to know they made the best choice.

There are a few techniques you can utilize to get the frequency you need at a low expense. (These are print techniques– other marketing outlets, such as radio and online, we’ll talk about in future problems.).

1. Make your advertisement as little as possible. Small ads cost less.


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2. It’s much better to schedule your ads to run simultaneously than spread them out. People will never ever remember when they don’t see your advertisement, only when they do. If they see your advertisement a lot in one week, they’re going to be under the impression you market all the time due to the fact that they won’t remember NOT seeing your advertisement other weeks.

3. Benefit from any frequency programs your newspaper deals. And definitely sign an agreement– don’t run advertisements under the open rate.

Here’s how it worked for PWC.

The paper had actually a program called “3 For Free.” If you ran an ad 3 days in a row, you got the next three days for free (the paper was published 6 days a week).

We developed a small advertisement– a one by 2 inch advertisement– and we ran it 6 days in a row. We avoided the next three weeks and did the very same thing once again the next month.

After a year of doing this, PWC had individuals coming near her informing her they saw her ad “all the time.” Business owners wished to promote on PWC since they could see the dedication PWC had to advertising. Couples were checking out PWC regularly since they were being “advised” monthly.

What did all this expense? About $100 a month.

But, a word of care. It requires time to develop an organisation and a brand name. It will not take place overnight. It will take place, specifically if you remember to keep getting your name in front of your consumers and prospective consumers as often as you potentially can.

Research studies have actually shown that individuals are more aware of car ads after they purchased a vehicle– specifically car ads of the design they purchased. It’s much better to arrange your ads to run all at as soon as than spread them out. People will never ever keep in mind when they do not see your ad, just when they do. If they see your ad a lot in one week, they’re going to be under the impression you market all the time since they won’t keep in mind NOT seeing your ad other weeks.

And certainly sign a contract– don’t run advertisements under the open rate.


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